Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning

Felix Septic offers grease trap pumping services for restaurants and commercial properties in New Hampshire. Whether you’re in need of a pump out for your small interior grease trap or for a large exterior grease tank, Felix Septic follows all of the state and environmental guidelines.

For restaurant owners, grease trap pumping and cleaning is a necessary service that prevents major problems from developing and affecting your bottom line. If a trap or tank is not pumped regularly there can be too much grease that will build up in the trap or tank and can cause clogs and backups into the restaurant or building. Most of the grease comes from interior sinks from washing pots and pans. Restaurant owners should clean out their grease traps at least every three months, or sooner depending on how busy the restaurant or kitchen is.

By properly maintaining and pumping your restaurant’s grease trap system you can help prevent unwanted odors, avoid fines or other disciplinary action, provide healthy work environment, and keep your customers happy.

If your restaurant is in need of a grease trap cleaning or pump out, schedule an appointment with Felix Septic today and save $5!

Environmentally friendly commercial septic services.

Homeowners should note that rules and regulations as they pertain to the repair or replacement of a septic system are always changing by the NH DES. We stay ahead of technical issues and constantly educate our technicians to provide optimum care in our duties. We are available to keep you informed—a simple telephone call can alleviate a future problem.

If you’re due for routine residential septic pumping service, give Felix Septic a call at 1-800-595-7907. We’re also available through email at For expert septic system maintenance, inspection and repair, we’re the answer for New Hampshire homeowners!

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