Septic System Inspection

Septic System Inspection

For over 40 years, Felix Septic Service has been a proven resource for routine and emergency septic maintenance. Our staff is certified through the GSDI as ‘Certified Evaluators,’ capable of performing a professional septic system inspection. Call us today at (603) 623-7907 or email


Our septic inspection team offers New Hampshire homeowners a full range of inspection services to help maintain your septic system. Identifying potential problems in your septic system, or the exact cause of recurring plumbing problems, saves you time, money and headaches.

Inspecting a septic system is as easy as using a shovel. However, some inspections may require the use of excavation equipment in order to perform the task. We also have the capabilities of using high tech video pipeline equipment to perform an inspection. Video inspection is a safe, precise, and quick way to diagnose current or potential septic system issues. Our septic system inspection technology identifies issues including cracked pipes, clogged pipes, punctures in septic systems or piping, sagging or breaks in pipes and root growth or infiltration.

Felix Septic’s wastewater treatment professionals stay ahead with scheduled training and apply the latest industry practices for homeowners across the region.

How our video inspection equipment works:

The equipment has a transmitter that sends a signal from the camera head to a locator used above ground. This allows us to determine where the pipe is going as well as pinpointing the exact location and depth of the problem area. We can also view that our work is complete and pipes are draining properly.


We perform commercial septic system inspections with the latest video inspection technology. We can identify crushed pipes, clogged pipes, system punctures, sagging pipes, and intruding root growth due to our equipment’s ease of access.

It does not matter which category your property falls under — Felix Septic performs septic system inspections for fast food restaurants, local convenience stores, retail stores, and more. Major commercial clients include McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Carrabba’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Wal-Mart.

If you’re due for routine residential septic pumping service, give Felix Septic a call at 1-800-595-7907. We’re also available through email at For expert septic system maintenance, inspection and repair, we’re the answer for New Hampshire homeowners!

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