Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basin Cleaning

Our New Hampshire catch basin cleaning team offers municipalities, management companies, and contractors the necessary service for timely catch basin maintenance. Our specialized vacuum equipment removes accumulated debris such as sand, rocks or leaves. Felix’s catch basin maintenance services are highlighted below.

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High Power Vacuum

Our high-powered vacuum systems are heavily utilized by locations across the Northeast. If catch basin cleaning is not regularly performed, there is a possibility of blocked water flow. This leads to flooding on streets, highways, or parking lots.


Hydro-Jetting is utilized to clean the pipes between catch basins, storm drains, and main sewer lines. The high powered jetter can clean lines back to new condition from 2″ to 36″ diameter up to 500 feet using a jet stream of water pushing out at up to 4,000psi.


Hydro-Excavation employs our high-powered vacuum to excavate in highly-sensitive areas without causing damage to objects such as fiber optic lines, gas lines, or electrical conduit. This hydro-excavating technique avoids damaging the critical underground utilities you rely on.

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Here’s what our customers had to say about our services:

Eastern Pipe Service completed the task of fixing our cracked pipes in a timely manner. Their products make installation an ease!

John S.

Prompt, professional, and thorough. Thank you Eastern Pipe!

Beth Dube

I just want to thank Hubert and his crew for doing a great job. They all have a great work ethic and do excellent work. Very happy with everything they did.

George W. Blais

Kenny and Jake came here to snake and inspect my building’s pipes. Through video inspection, they found a major problem that many people probably would’ve missed. Eastern Pipe Service went above and beyond to help find and repair the problem. They were professional and courteous throughout the entire experience. I would recommend Eastern Pipe to anyone in need of this service!

Alex Landry