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Free & Easy Ways to Prepare Your Septic for Winter

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Whether you’re a Felix customer or not, there’s no avoiding the upcoming winter weather. When the temperature drops, there’s a chance that something will go wrong. Cars break down, things you forgot about outside begin to freeze, and no matter how many pairs of socks you put on, you still manage to feel a chill in your feet. It seems like these problems are completely unavoidable.

While we can’t help you pick out the perfect pair of stockings, we sure can help you prepare and properly maintain your septic system for the upcoming winter months. And let’s be honest, with all this other stuff going on, the last thing that you want to find out if your toilet won’t flush.

At Felix, we always provide our customers with the best service. If you want us to check it out for you, feel free to give us a call! If you’d rather do it yourself, here are some free and easy tips to prepare and maintain your septic system this winter:

Keep an Eye Out

Since compacting dirt or other materials over your pipes can cause them to freeze more easily, be sure to keep an eye out for any traffic moving over the area such as driving, walking, or for your pet’s behavior as well as any other animals that may be traveling over this area. If you notice that there is traffic that may be compacting the materials on top of your septic system, take preventative measures to eliminate it so that by the time winter comes you won’t have to worry about it. Your dog will just have to find a new favorite spot.

As we talked about in our winter-weather post, being aware of the signs that your pipes may be freezing ahead of time will benefit you in the long run. Some early signs are slow draining or strange smells coming from your faucet or drain.

Use Your System

The best way to prepare and maintain your septic system for the winter is also the easiest: USE IT! Simply using your system promotes a healthy flow and adds heat to help prevent pipes from freezing. An easy way to plan ahead is by adjusting your shower and laundry schedules and getting in the habit of running warm or hot water through your pipes more consistently and on a regular basis.

Avoid running water at a very low flow for continuous periods as it is more prone to freezing. If any of your faucets or fixtures are currently leaking, you’ll want to fix them since they are often the culprit for this happening.

Even by doing one of these things, you can ensure that your septic system is well-prepared for the upcoming winter weather. You can avoid running into trouble and spending a fortune by preparing ahead of time, and you don’t even have to spend any money! This way, you can save your money for more important things like holiday festivities and treats. And more pairs of socks.

If you need assistance preparing your septic system for the winter, give us a call immediately at (603) 945-7355 or submit the form on this page. Our experienced technicians will make sure your system is ready for the cold months ahead.

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