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3 Septic System Myths You Shouldn’t Believe


While we certainly are no MythBusters, we do know a thing or two about septic systems (hint: We actually know quite a lot). So, read it straight from the experts and don’t believe these three myths that—like wildfire—have spread false information and misled unsuspecting homeowners. It’s time to debunk the rumors and shed some light on fact versus fiction!

Myth #1: Adding Additives

A lot of homeowners think they need to add Rid-X or other maintenance enhancers to their septic tank in order to keep it “healthy.” Don’t fall for this marketing trap. There are currently no products that will make your septic like new again or prevent backups from occurring, even if the bottle claims it does. Instead, put your hard-earned money where it matters. We offer regular pumping and maintenance services to keep your system working properly for many years to come. Pro tip: Not sure when to pump your septic? Read our handy blog post on how often it should be done.

Myth #2: Costly Maintenance

We all have our own definition of expensive, but trust us that you’ll be much happier paying the lower cost maintenance fee than a repair, or worse, a full replacement. Preventative maintenance not only ensures that your system continues functioning properly every day, but it also extends the life of your septic system. Without these regular checkups, your system could fail sooner and potentially cost you thousands of dollars to fix or replace. Your wallet will thank us later.

Myth #3: Flushable Wipes

While perusing the toiletries aisle at your local drugstore or grocery shop, you may come across the notorious “flushable” wipes, claiming that they’re septic safe or that they break down easily. Don’t be fooled! These too-good-to-be-true wipes, in fact, take a very long time to break down compared to your average toilet paper, resulting in severe blockage to your sewer system. Think we’re exaggerating? Read what happened in New York City back in 2015 all thanks to these wipes. Don’t let this happen to you (or your city, for that matter).

Are you ready to forget the fabrications and face the facts? If it’s time to schedule your routine septic maintenance, give us a call at (603) 945-7355 or fill out our contact form to request a service.

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