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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Septic

Rainy Day

It’s never a fun experience when one of your home appliances is getting old and beginning to fail. Luckily, septic systems are built to last. In fact, when you stay ahead of technical issues and keep your system properly serviced with routine pumping and inspections, a septic can last up to 30 years—seriously! Like most appliances, though, your septic just can’t last forever. Even with proper maintenance, it may need to be replaced during your home ownership tenure. If you experience these telling signs, it may be time:

Old Age

If your septic is well under 30 years of age and you’ve been good about your routine maintenance, then you shouldn’t have to worry (yet) about replacing your septic system anytime soon. Many of our cost-efficient repairs will keep your tank running smoothly. However, when a septic is approaching the end of its life, we often recommend replacing it instead of continuing to try patching it up. Please remember, routine maintenance is crucial if you want your septic to reach its golden years!

Outgrown System

It’s important to first understand that all septic systems are built to withstand a certain capacity. Generally, septic systems are sized based on the number of rooms and square footage in the house to make sure it’s properly tailored to the family’s likely needs. Now let’s say you decide to add an expansion onto your home, like an in-law suite or guest house, increasing the number of residents living there. This could significantly impact the strain on the current system. If the size of your home or residents grows, you may have to invest in a new septic that will better withstand the subsequent rise in waste.

Clogged & Slow Draining

Typically, warning signs like slow–draining pipes and dense clogs don’t necessarily mean needing to replace the entire septic—we can usually just fix those issues as they come. In more critical cases combined with the age of the septic, this can be a real sign that it’s time to replace the system. Experiencing symptoms and not sure what to do? If you’re noticing more frequent clogging or other concerns, just reach out to us and our experts will let you know the next steps you should take.

Water in the Yard

Well, it’s never good if you see water puddled in your yard surrounding your septic system. In most cases, this results in a need for immediate repair, and sometimes even a replacement of your drain field. So please don’t ignore standing water in your yard! If it’s not going away pretty quickly on its own, trust us that it’s only going to get worse; and the worse it gets, the more likely we’ll have to replace it.

Inspection Results

You’ve probably heard this before, and we’re saying it again: Routine inspections are so important to maintaining a healthy septic. Our experts can determine if your septic needs replacing before you run into any sticky situation, like a flooded yard or clogged pipes. Most importantly, inspections help you understand your septic’s condition so you can better prepare financially for a future replacement.

Our goal is to replace your septic system once it’s absolutely necessary. That’s why we work closely with our valued customers to help keep their septic systems running strong year after year. When the time does come for a new one, trust us to get the job done right so you can enjoy your septic for another 30 years.

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