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Home Repairs and Remodeling with Your Septic in Mind


Making home improvements can increase its overall value and prevent costly repairs later on if you are making upgrades. Whether you’re making repairs or doing a larger renovation, it’s important to take your septic system into consideration. Keep the following tips in mind if you’ll be having home remodeling or repairs done.

Tank Capacity

How much capacity does your current septic tank have? If your home remodeling involves adding a bathroom, you might need to upgrade to a bigger septic tank. This partly depends on whether you’re adding a half bath or a full bathroom and how often you expect this new bathroom to be used. You might also need a larger tank if you’re adding a bedroom to accommodate more people in your home. Septic system professionals can let you know whether your current tank capacity will be enough to handle an additional bathroom or bedroom in your home. If not, you’ll need to change to a larger septic tank.

Septic System Location

You should let your contractors know where your septic system is located in your yard. This might not be an issue if you’re having minor repairs done inside your home or a small remodeling project is done. However, if you’re adding a room or patio onto your home or if you’re having trees or bushes planted, trimmed, or removed as part of this project, it’s important for contractors to know the location of your septic system. Depending on its location, you might need to make changes to your remodeling project or make sure contractors take care not to damage it during their work.

Work Permits

While contractors should always pull the necessary permits for work done on your home, this is even more important when you have a septic system. They should also be familiar with local building codes and other regulations. Otherwise, your septic system could end up contaminating local groundwater or causing other problems. You might also have to pay costly fines if work is done without permits or if it violates building codes and regulations. Keep in mind that local regulations might require you to have a certain size septic tank depending on the size of your home or how many bathrooms it has.

Home Repairs

If you need home repairs that might affect your septic systems, such as toilet or sink clogs, you should hire professionals with expertise in septic systems. For plumbing repairs, the experts can make plumbing repairs while keeping your septic system in mind, which helps lower the risk of damage. With any home services, you also want to hire professionals because they will carry the proper licenses and insurance that will cover you in the case of any issues from their work. These professionals can also provide you with advice on preventing problems with your septic system from their perspective.

If you need septic system repairs or other septic system services, please contact us today. At Felix Septic, we can make sure your septic system is in excellent condition before and after remodeling or other home repairs.

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