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Clear the Way: Septic Tank Emergency

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Winter isn’t over just yet! Make sure you’re prepared in the event of a septic tank emergency. Follow just a few easy steps to clear a path and ensure nothing gets in the way of a well-functioning system.

The Pathway to Peace of Mind

Septic tanks don’t last forever, and the warning signs can often be small. So, you’ll want to be prepared for any last-minute emergencies. With the winter weather comes debris such as heavy snow and fallen branches that can block the pathway to your tank. Clearing the path allows you and our technicians to easily reach a malfunctioning tank.

We also recommend installing a riser for easier access to your septic tank. A riser is a concrete or plastic pipe, with a secure cover on top that runs vertically from the ground level down to your septic. When installed, this riser allows you and our technicians to pinpoint the exact location of the tank and gain easy access to the septic tank for filter cleaning, or routine or emergency service.

It’s not all about the snow. Septic tanks can fail any time of the year. Refrain from paving over, driving over, and parking on top of your tank. You’ll always want to maintain a clear path – no matter the season!

Smell something funky? That could be a sewage odor from a broken pipe. Don’t worry. Now that you’ve prepared for a septic emergency, there’s a clear path for us to quickly solve the problem.

Want more tips on how to maintain your septic system all winter long? Check out our free and easy tips. And, if you need assistance this winter season, at Felix Septic, our experienced technicians can help. Call (603) 945-7355 or submit a request through the form on this page.

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