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5 Reasons to Call for a Septic Tank Service

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Not sure if your drain issues are a sign of a serious septic problem? Not sure if you should call a plumber or septic company? Prevent septic issues from getting worse, leading to costly repairs. Here are 5 reasons you should call for a septic tank service:

1. Multiple Backed Up Drains

Multiple fixtures backing up at once is usually a sign that the problem is stemming from your septic and not a simple clog in a single drain. If your shower, toilet, and sinks are all having issues, it’s time to call a septic service. However, if it’s just one or two of your fixtures that have clogs or backups, it’s likely an issue with those individual fixtures and in which case you could call a plumber. Find out other times you should call a plumber versus a septic company.

2. Gurgling Sounds

A brief few seconds of gurgling or draining sounds from a drain when you have finished washing dishes or taking a shower is normal. However, if the shower drain gurgles when you flush the toilet or if you notice your toilet bubbling as you run the sink, these are classic signs of a septic issue.

3. Old Tank

A tank nearing or over the age of 25 could be seeing its last days, although well-maintained systems have been known to last much longer. If you notice you’re having issues with multiple fixtures in your home and your septic has been around for a while, it may be time to call your septic service provider. One thing to consider, though, is if you have your system inspected on a regular basis (every 2 – 3 years). If you have been neglecting your septic system and letting it go without inspection for several years, its old age will be an even bigger issue. Here are some signs it’s time to replace your septic.

4. Standing Water in Pipes

If you’re noticing issues with your fixtures, take a look inside the pipe that connects your house to the septic tank. If you see standing water inside the pipe, this means the blockage is likely in the tank or the pipe leading to it.

5. Smelly or Soggy Ground

If your yard seems to be unusually soggy or smelly, that is a clear sign there could be an issue with your leach field and a septic expert should investigate. An oversaturated yard or leach field could mean that your tank isn’t working properly and wastewater is draining into your yard. Check out other signs of leach field failure, call for a septic service as soon as possible, and keep foot traffic away from that area.

If you notice any of these 5 issues, calling us at Felix Septic is always a good first step. We are here to provide the best service at the best cost because we understand that no one likes unexpected expenses.

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